Helpful Plumbing Tips For Summer

Summer, the season when many choose to buy a new home. Unfortunately, many homebuyers are riddled with serious issues regarding plumbing and water leaks. Nearly forty percent of all homeowners choose to call an expert within the first year of buying their new home. To avoid dealing with expensive plumbing repairs and having to call in the plumber, it may be wise to do a simple visual inspection of the home plumbing on a regular basis. With that in mind, these tips should help you to know what you should be looking at.

When you inspect the water supply pipe, begin by turning on the sink faucets and the tub facet to determine if there is a dramatic change in the water volume. If there is, you’re possibly dealing with a leak somewhere in your pipes or you may need to replace some pipes as calcium and other minerals have accumulated in the popes. If your pipes are in the basement, look for any sign of water damage, cracks or even potential leaks on the pipes that are exposed.

Always make it one of your habits to look at the surrounding areas of the toilet for signs of leaks or water accumulating. If you find any water damage on the bathroom floor or tiles, you’ll want to look for signs of white or black stains that could mean that the water is leaking from within the walls or floor.

When you flush the toilet, look and see if the flush is working right. If the water is flushing out as it should. Press your hand against the bathroom walls and make sure that there aren’t any leaks or loose tiles there as well. Be sure to check this around the tub and the toilet areas, as these are often culprits for such damages. If there are any soft tiles, you’ll want to check the areas often to make sure you don’t have any further damage. Check the bathroom floor as well as this is often an area prone to water damage.